How to Become Cyber Hero?

“The cyber thing — it’s wonderful that more attention is going into that” — said Bill Gates.

We were wondering how we could encourage you to save your data more. Maybe superheroes of the cyber world will inspire you, or maybe you will decide to become one? 😉 Read this and enjoy!
You know Steve Wozniak. Don’t you? If you don’t, you should. Steve Wozniak is Apple co-founder and engineering genius! He agrees that cybercrimes are one of the worst things in our world. He even compares cyber-attacks with atomic bomb attacks during the war. On the other hand, he is right — we talk about wars. During World Wars people died and risked their lives. Today you risk all your life, as well. Cybercriminals can steal all your data and make your life like hell. 🌪️

Well, we as Data Goblins, are dreaming about the ability to become heroes.💯 But now, let’s talk about real society heroes nowadays. Cybersecurity specialists are like a magnificent army of many Harry Potters among many dangerous Voldemorts who try to steal our most important information.
Who are cybersecurity professionals? Why are they heroes? 😱Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for securing the information. Sound simple but imagine…They monitor and manage any attacks and illegal intrusions. Also, they determine the access or weak points, not developed enough processes, and people who can reach the information. They design various protective systems and strategies against cybercriminals. Cybersecurity professionals have particularly developed eyes because they can detect any unusual activities to prevent cyber loss. They are real heroes!

How to become one? 😮
It is a hard nut to crack. Firstly, these specialists take high responsibility regarding the main company’s concept — information. Secondly, they need to have deep knowledge in the IT sphere. 🖥️Interestingly, cybersecurity careers do not require university degrees and plenty of cybersecurity experts move on to cybersecurity from entry-level IT jobs, completing cybersecurity qualifications along the way. But it goes without saying that high duties in a serious company will ask you to show the education level. Also, certifications are important. They show your better understanding and wide knowledge about the cyber world. And lastly, practical experience is arguably the most important factor in becoming a cybersecurity expert. The more you have — the better specialist you are.
Maybe, you are a student and wondering what career path to choose. Maybe, you are thinking that it is time to learn something new, gain new knowledge and skills. If you are interested in the IT sector, the computer is your life, and you want to make the world better — don’t consider it anymore! 💡 Become a cyber security specialist, become a hero!

Short story: J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter, Bryan Singer was director of X-Men, we created Data Goblins to help to save your data.